As I counted eggs this morning at church to see how close we were to our 20,000 egg goal, memories begin to flood my mind.  I have always loved Easter.

Easter was always a special time for our family.  We didn’t have a lot, but my granny always made sure we had a pretty dress to wear to church, a special Easter basket with a treat along with a family Easter Egg hunt.   She even spoiled us with some baby chicks one year.  I think this might have been my first opportunity to care for something.  I fell in love with those baby chicks.  I remember one specific Easter Sunday.  It was an extra special day because I was baptized.  I had a brand new green dress for this special day.  I was so proud of that dress.  I refused to take it off.  I hunted eggs in my green dress that year along with playing in the dirt the rest of the afternoon.

These traditions then became a part of my kids’ lives.  They would all get their new outfits to wear to church.  They would get their special little Easter basket to be ready for the Family Easter Egg hunt.  Brooklyn even found the prize egg her first Easter.  I loved watching them make memories just as I had as a child.

As I think about what Easter Sunday will look like this year, knowing that Brooklyn is 21, Payton is 15 and Tanner is 13, things will be different.  My heart is full of joy as my boys will be at church serving alongside their dad and I in Children’s Ministry, and Brooklyn will be in Anaheim wearing her t-shirt representing the Kids Ministry she serves at her church.  We will spend a lazy afternoon at home just hanging out after church rather than an egg hunt and a big dinner.

Many traditions have come and gone, but the most important thing remains…

The true story of Easter.

While there will be no new outfits or egg hunt in our home this year, it will still be Easter because there will be the true story.

The story of God’s…



and Resurrection.

If you are the parent of a young child, it may be hard to imagine Easter without egg hunts and a house filled with family.  I understand.  It seems like yesterday that my kids were young and I was buying Easter baskets and hiding prize eggs.  The day will come when your traditions will also change to new ways to celebrate, and you will be left with what you valued the most.

So, what do you want your kids to remember most about Easter?  If you choose to make the priority God’s story of love and salvation, you too will be filled with joy knowing God’s story is in their heart.