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We’re Better Together

Life was never meant be lived solo – we need other people to help us grow spiritually and stay healthy.  We have developed a variety of environments to help children, students and adults connect and grow.

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Adult Ministries

We are committed to helping you grow in your relationship with God and with other believers.  You need something more than the weekend worship experience.  We offer a variety of Bible studies, discipleship classes and fellowship opportunities for adults of every age.

Student Ministries

The teen years are tough.  That’s why we’ve created environments where students can learn practical teaching from God’s Word and experience positive peer support from other teens who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Children Ministries

SVCC has a huge heart for kids, and we have dedicated over half of our campus toward providing environments for your kids to build a relationship with God and with others each Sunday morning!  They will learn to make wise decisions, trust God no matter what, and treat others they way they want to be treated.

Changing Lives Around The World

Our Global Mission Partners