Our Global Mission Partners

Mission Trips

Meet our global partners through a short-term mission trip.

Furaha Community Foundation

Nairobi, Kenya

Furaha Community Foundation is located in the Huruma Slum, just outside of Nairobi, Kenya.  Over 500,000 people call this desperate place home.

Furaha began in 2006 as a tutoring program in a small rented room.  It has since grown to an elementary and secondary school enrolling nearly 700 students. Eighty percent of them are orphaned  Furaha also provides nursing meals through the feeding program, social services for the oppresed, a health program for those with HIV/AIDS, safe houses for those most at risk, and micro finance to the families struggling to survive the desperate poverty of Huruma. Thousands of lives are impacted by a team of nearly 40 gifted and dedicated Christian leaders.

In this grey, intimidating, desperate slum where poverty and disease stand alongside crime, addiction, and hopelessness, the Furaha Community Foundation brings light and life.

Esperanza Para Guatemala

Guatemala City, Guatemala - Zone 18

“We want to show the children that yes, it’s possible to have a different life from the one they’ve learned over and over from generations.”

Jose Armas, Founder of Esperanza para Guatemala.

Every day Esperanza provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch for a few hundred children and provides support to their extended families, reaching over a thousand people. It serves over 9000 plates of food every month. With loving care and dedicated staff and volunteers it provided tutoring and academic support – providing the only library in Zone 18 with access to books and computer lab for studies. Children are given the chance to learn valuable work skills in the areas of carpentry, computers, cosmetology and baking. Mixing fun and learning together in cultivates a family atmosphere to its mission of providing children and their families with tools and opportunities for their spiritual physical and emotional development.
Jose Armas and his organization Esperanza para Guatemala are convinced that through education, vocational training , tutoring and the teachings of Jesus there is a way out for the children of Zone 18

Foundation Bethesda Center

Palma/Jacob, Haiti

Current work in Haiti is led by Lucson Dervilous, a local Haitian, who studied for 2 years in the United States. Lucson grew up as an orphan himself. He wanted to come back to his home village in Hinche and surrounding small poor villages in Palma and Jacob to start a school for children who would never have a chance to be educated. In 2010 a school was built which has now grown to 5 classes, with a new classes added every year, 50% of the children are orphans ranging from Kindergarten to 4th Grade with 240 children, expanding to reach 400 children when the Elementary School is fully populated. Entrepreneurial micro-loans include trading in rice, beans, soaps and oils or trading goats pigs and chickens. Small businesses like these provide essential income for many poor people enabling them to better provide for their households, improve their economic stability and bring empowerment. Especially to the women who are operating several of these businesses. Foundation Bethesda also runs a local church open to all from the communities around them.

Light for Life Ministries

Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Visit the main orphanage which houses approximately 25 kids from the ages of 6-19 in Phnom Pehn along with the church and clinic. In Prey Veng the orphanage, clinic, and church is half completed. In Kampot, which is a coastal community, the church has been built, however more work needs to be done to build a clinic and an orphanage. There are also areas east of the Mueng Khong River that are mainly Buddist communities that are unreached and Muslim areas to the north. The goal is to help all areas mentioned here to have self-sustaining churches, clinics, and orphanages.

A mission trip to Cambodia would involve loving and interacting with the orphaned children through songs and Bible stories.  There may be opportunities for qualified individuals to volunteer in the clinics and/or assist in the building of the orphanages or clinics.